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Dr Carly Steyn

Using the Enneagram to promote wellbeing at work

Dr Carly Steyn Cape Town Coach

Stress and its associated symptoms can prove detrimental to both the individual employee and the organisation. On the individual level, prolonged periods of stress have been linked to anxiety, depression and diminished levels of self esteem. At the organizational level, stress has been linked to withdrawal behaviours such as turnover intention, absenteeism, reduced organisational commitment and job performance. Stress research shows that our experience of stress is largely influenced by the set of beliefs and assumptions that we hold about…

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Start a Strengths Revolution at Work

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At work, do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day? The Gallup Organisation posed this question to 198 000 people and found that only twenty percent of employees working in large organizations feel that their strengths are in play every day. This is unfortunate, as research shows that companies that focus on harnessing the strengths of their employees outperform their competitors in terms of productivity, customer loyalty and employee retention. Further research by Shane J.…

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