Burnout Prevention and Recovery Coaching

In 2019, the World Health Organisation included burnout in the 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD) as an occupational phenomenon, not a medical condition. Burnout is conceptualised as a syndrome resulting from chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully managed.  It is characterised by three dimensions:

  • Feelings of energy depletion and emotional and physical exhaustion;
  • Increased mental distance from one’s job and feelings of cynicism towards one’s job, colleagues and clients;
  • Feelings of reduced professional efficacy and reduced personal accomplishment

According to the World Health Organisation, the causes of burnout range from situational/organisational factors to individual beliefs and behaviours.

I  have designed an evidence-based burnout recovery and prevention coaching package to help individuals recover from burnout and develop strategies to prevent the recurrence of burnout in the future. The program is backed by the latest research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and organisational behaviour. During these coaching sessions, I work with individuals to identify their unique burnout profile. 

Burnout is a complex phenomenon, which develops in response to a host of situational/organisation and individual factors.  Once your specific burnout profile has been identified, we will work to identify the factors contributing to your burnout and develop and implement strategies to mitigate the negative effects of these factors.  At the same time, you will learn to incorporate a range of individualised recovery strategies into your daily life.