Workshops and speaking engagements

Dr Carly Steyn is a sought-after speaker and facilitator on the science of wellbeing, stress resilience, employee engagement and burnout prevention and recovery.

She is passionate about translating the latest cutting-edge research from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and organisational behaviour into practical strategies that promote wellbeing and engagement.  Her talks and workshops are entertaining, highly interactive and aimed at creating lasting change at the individual and organisational level.

All her workshops and speaking engagements are designed with a particular audience in mind. She leaves her audiences with transformative insights into their own behaviours and provides them with tangible takeaways and actionable strategies to improve their wellbeing at work and reduce stress and burnout.

Carly is comfortable presenting both in person and through a range of virtual platforms.  Her workshops can be customised to short talks at corporate events, half, full or multi-day workshops.

Examples of workshops presented in the past:

  • Building Better Teams: How to lead teams towards peak performance
  • The Science and Art of Job Crafting: Transform the job you have into a job you love
  • Happy Hours: Leveraging the science of positive psychology to enhance wellbeing and happiness at work
  • Beating Burnout: Science backed strategies to prevent and recover from burnout
  • Making Work Meaningful