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Dr Carly Steyn is an accomplished Organisational Development and Leadership consultant,  international speaker, facilitator, and coach that specialises in wellbeing, employee engagement, stress resilience and burnout prevention and recovery. She is passionate about translating the latest cutting-edge research from the fields of psychology, organizational behaviour and neuroscience into practical strategies that can be used to create extraordinary workplaces where people can thrive. 

Executive Coaching.

In today’s business environment we are continuously exposed to unprecedented levels of change, uncertainty and ambiguity. In order to navigate this increasingly complex business environment in the pursuit of personal and organisational success and sustainability, executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs need to develop an unwavering sense of self coupled with a passion for purpose. That is where executive coaching comes in.

Burnout Prevention.

I  have designed an evidence-based burnout recovery and prevention coaching package to help individuals recover from burnout and develop strategies to prevent the recurrence of burnout in the future. The program is backed by the latest research in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and organisational behaviour. During these coaching sessions, I work with individuals to identify their unique burnout profile. 

Burnout is a complex phenomenon, which develops in response to a host of situational/organisation and individual factors.  

Creating environments where you can thrive.

Dr Carly Steyn is a sought-after speaker and facilitator on the science of wellbeing, stress resilience, employee engagement and burnout prevention and recovery.

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