Dr Carly Steyn provides consulting and advisory services to CEO’s, Executive Directors, HR Professionals and managers to enhance employee wellbeing and engagement and reduce burnout.

During her consultation engagements with organisations, Carly works with leaders and organisations to identify specific factors that are contributing to work-related stress, burnout and disengagement. A selection of standardised wellbeing assessments may be used at this stage to accurately evaluate the wellbeing needs of the organisation. Customised wellbeing strategies and interventions are then designed to address the organisation’s unique needs.  These interventions can range from coaching engagements, workshops and training programmes to larger organisational development interventions.  

Thriving employees fuel a thriving workplace – and when employees are struggling, experiencing negative emotions or feeling burned out, your organisation can suffer.


In the most recent State of the Global Workplace Report published by Gallup (2022), only 33% of the world’s employees are thriving.  Fifty-five percent of employees are struggling and 11% are suffering.  Employees who are not engaged or who are actively disengaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity.  The equivalent of 11% of the world’s GDP.

Engaged employees sound like great people. Who wouldn’t want more of them? But here’s the catch. Engagement is not a characteristics of employees, but rather an experience created by organisations, managers and team members.

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Our core principles when working with organisations are:

Science-based approach
The latest scientific research informs all the work we do in organisations.

A fit-for-purpose approach
Just like individuals, organisations are unique.  We do not work using a one-size fits all approach.  Instead, we choose to collaborate with clients to define realistic wellbeing objectives and  design interventions and strategies aligned to their unique contexts, business objectives and wellbeing needs of their employees.

Sustainable results
Our goal is to equip organisations with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainable change long after our consulting engagement has ended.  We empower organisations and individuals with the skills and competencies they need to entrench a culture of wellbeing.