Executive Coaching

In today’s business environment we are continuously exposed to unprecedented levels of change, uncertainty and ambiguity. In order to navigate this increasingly complex business environment in the pursuit of personal and organisational success and sustainability, executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs need to develop an unwavering sense of self coupled with a passion for purpose. That is where executive coaching comes in.

Executive coaching, which involves regular meetings between a client and a trained professional coach with the view to maximizing potential within a limited time, remains one of the most effective tools available to ensure meaningful personal and professional development.

I work with professionals, executives, emerging leaders and entrepreneurs to set meaningful goals and design innovative and sustainable strategies to achieve these goals.

My approach to Executive Coaching

During executive coaching engagements with me you will be exposed to a range of personal and professional development assessment tools that will enable you to identify your unique strengths and specific challenges.  We then work together to develop an action framework that will inspire you to take purposeful action towards achieving your goals. I will guide you in identifying and shifting limiting beliefs and assumptions that hold you back from fulfilling your full potential, and in so doing partner with you on a powerful journey of self-discovery that extends well beyond the duration of the coaching intervention.

I have worked with clients to achieve a range of executive coaching goals, including but not limited to:

  • Becoming a more impactful leader
  • Making a successful transition to the next level of management
  • Identifying and pursuing a meaningful career change
  • Building more productive relationships and networks at work
  • Creating an inspiring executive presence
  • Cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence

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