Well functioning teams can be an organization’s greatest asset.  They can inject unprecedented levels of creativity into the organization and have the potential to enhance the work experiences of their individual members.  Poorly functioning teams, on the other hand, can be extremely detrimental to organizational success and employee wellbeing.

In order to achieve their full potential, teams should regularly be given the opportunity to reflect on team processes and dynamics and assess the extent to which these processes and dynamics are serving the goals of the team.  

My work in the area of team development is informed by a range of respected and evidence-based team development strategies and has been used to:

  • Help teams set clear goals and priorities
  • Improve team performance by building trust and a culture of collaboration
  • Improve the team’s emotional and creative intelligence
  • Break down barriers to effective communication and collaboration
  • Help teams respond to and adapt to change

Please contact me if you would like to know more about my team development interventions.